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As a specialized Manufacturer, we carry out orders of shower trays, linear drains and shower walls to specific size and individual customer requirements.

Complex and difficult-to-arrange designs frequently force the use of equipment with specific dimensions and shapes. The standard offerings available on the market then become insufficient. That's why, as part of our business cooperation, we at Schedpol offer full customization of our products with the option to tailor them to specific space requirements. This option applies to shower trays, drains, shower walls, washbasins and even bathtubs with EPS supports.

Difficult layout conditions can be a real design challenge. A bathroom of tiny dimensions, specific shape, with recesses and slants makes it impossible to freely use off-the-shelf products. That's why at Schedpol we offer the possibility of adjusting the equipment to a specific size on your own. This option applies to selected composite shower trays, which can be trimmed in designated areas. Tileable shower trays, on the other hand, can be freely cut to any size. Also, the bathtub EPS supports we offer give you the opportunity to adjust them to the desired size, because they are assembled from ready-to-use components supplied in a kit.

Business customers of Schedpol, on the other hand, can count on the option of manufacturing products from scratch, according to individual order and the needs of a given project. In the case of such an order, the customer has the opportunity to decide on dimensions, shape or color. It can also choose to use different technologies, such as the type of filling or the type of coating used. - In this way we are able to produce a shower tray with dimensions exactly corresponding to those of the shower niche in which it will be embedded. For such a custom project, we also prepare linear drains that can take any length and have one or more drain traps. These types of orders are now becoming a standard among our customers, so we pay really great attention to them," says Piotr Fuhrmann, Marketing Product Manager of Schedpol.

A real revolution in the segment of integrated shower trays is also in the pipeline - This spring we will announce the possibility of ordering customized integrated shower trays. It is likely to be the world's first integrated shower tray that does not require shoring for installation and can be prepared to a specific size. The service will be factory-made by Schedpol, taking into account the desired size parameters," adds Piotr Fuhrmann.

It is worth mentioning that customization of shower trays for a specific size is not limited to length and width. We have recently completed several personalized projects. For one particular project, we designed and manufactured deep shower trays with integrated and raised substructure to a height of 45 centimeters. In another, at the customer's request, we modified the shower trays, which come standard with 12 centimeters and a side panel, lowering them to 8,5 centimeters, as the installation conditions of the destination required it. Personalization can also apply to additional elements, such as covers, which can come in any color. These possibilities are determined and priced individually by our specialized technical team, upon receipt of a request for proposal.


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