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About the company

Tradition and modernity

Schedpol is a company with over 40 years of tradition. We are a family-owned company with a rich tradition and an established position in the market. We value long-lasting relationships and excellent teamwork that produces great results. Many of our employees have been with us for decades. Multigenerational, experienced, interdisciplinary teams can offer a holistic approach to the design and production of shower trays. As a company that has been in business since 1981, we value long-term relationships with our business partners. Over four decades, not much has changed in terms of our approach to production, which from the proverbial 'A' to 'Z' takes place in Poland. We do not outsource work to third countries, nor do we use cheaper subcontractors. We take personal care of every piece of the puzzle during the production process of our shower trays, bathtubs and other bathroom fittings. This not only allows us to achieve the highest quality of our products, but also ensures an individual approach to each customer. We use innovative technological solutions, closely follow and often stay ahead of trends. It really is worth doing business with us!

Trustworthy suppliers

The raw materials we use to create shower trays, bathtubs, linear drains or other accessories come from the domestic market or from Western European countries. This guarantees the high quality of the products we offer. Recently, Polish manufacturers have become extremely attractive to many customers as they ensure continuity of supply, create in accordance with the EU standards and are competitive in terms of price. Schedpol is perfectly in line with current market expectations.

Experience that pays off

We have a wealth of know-how that allows us to take a comprehensive approach to the design and production of shower trays, bathtubs, linear drains and other bathroom fittings. We have our own extensive R&D department, a modern design studio and an efficient production fleet. We are able to manufacture shower trays on a large scale, as well as design and cast products for individual business customers. We utilise the experience we have gained and tap into emerging technological innovations.

Comprehensive offer for business

We are well aware of market realities. We are able to respond to the expectations of companies operating in various industries. Our products available under the Schedpol brand and the Schedline Collection can be purchased on both the wholesale and retail markets. We also manufacture shower trays, drains and bathtubs under house brands. For investors, we also offer a custom-made shower tray service. Schedpol - quality and trust

For four decades, we have been providing modern solutions for the bathrooms of customers in Poland and European countries. We are one of the leaders in the production of shower trays, bathtubs and linear drains. It is worth entrusting matters in our hands!


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