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Shower trays also made to measure

Updated: May 22, 2023

Until a decade ago, shower tray manufacturers offered a dozen or more ready-made designs for these products, the size or design of which the customer had no influence on. This has changed in recent times. Now everyone can design a shower tray according to their own ideas and customise it to suit their individual needs.

Made-to-measure shower trays - quality guaranteed by Schedpol

Made-to-measure shower trays tailored to the unusual dimensions of the shower area is a trend that will gain momentum in the coming years. This is because more and more customers are looking for customised solutions - whether out of necessity, when bathroom dimensions (especially in property development flats) are small, or out of a desire to create a unique, unrepeatable bathing space. Made-to-measure shower trays also eliminate potential problems caused by difficult bathroom conditions, such as the presence of alcoves or odd wall layouts. A custom-made shower tray allows you to create a unique, original space in your own bathroom. After all, we should remember that this is an extremely important room, where we spend at least several dozen minutes every day. Therefore, it should be furnished not only according to current trends, but above all - our expectations, interesting and comfortable. Tailor-made shower trays give you the opportunity to create a space that perfectly suits the needs of the occupants and at the same time allows you to maximise the potential of the bathroom you have in your flat or house. The shower trays that we design and then make to measure are prepared with great care, strictly in accordance with each customer's specifications. There is no question of any variation in the pre-determined parameters. The shower trays are cut to size with millimetre precision. A custom-made shower tray can be used either as a stand-alone product or used in conjunction with a shower enclosure. However, if the product will be made to individual specifications and its dimensions will be different from the standard, it is always worth checking whether the chosen shower enclosure will fit it perfectly. Of course, there are other solutions that we can use in this situation. One of them is to arrange a walk-in shower area, where there is no need to install a shower enclosure and the shower tray is a free design element. In a walk-in shower area, the most important issue is to install a suitable and efficient drainage system and to prepare an optimal slope so that water can flow freely towards the drain and does not stand on the surface of the shower tray. It is advisable to make the decision to create such a shower area as early as the planning stage of a flat or before a general renovation. This will save potential problems and all solutions will be adapted to the technical possibilities of our bathroom.

In the Schedpol range, you can order not only the customised shower trays themselves, which will be perfectly tailored to the unusual size of the shower area, but also drains, bath and shower tray carriers, sub-tiling trays and other accessories necessary for any bathroom. This is a treat especially for architects, interior designers and investors who have to deal with non-standard, difficult to arrange rooms. By ordering products according to individual guidelines, we can be sure that the entire bathroom will become a functional room.

Bespoke shower trays - problem solved

If you have an irregularly shaped bathroom in your flat or house, it is not necessary to renovate it to make it rectangular or square. It is definitely better and cheaper to order a shower tray from a Polish manufacturer who will cut it to a specific size, allowing the product to fit the room. The unobvious dimension of the bathroom can be a huge asset. This will make it very original and unique. The fact that bespoke shower trays can be made in a variety of sizes, material textures, etc. will benefit us. Surely, every guest will be delighted with a bathroom made according to a unique design, and we will not have to waste time adapting the initial state to the ready-made solutions available on the market. Made-to-measure shower trays manufactured by Schedpol are products of the highest quality, which is confirmed by numerous certificates and opinions of satisfied customers. Creating a shower area even in a small bathroom will become fabulously easy thanks to the possibilities offered by Schedpol.

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