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Exceptional projects - the offer for business customers

The infrastructure of cities is booming. We can watch in awe as new buildings and developments appear and grow before our eyes. In an effort to stand out from the competition, manufacturers are surprising their customers with one-of-a-kind, bespoke solutions for specific projects. Manufacturers' offers that include the possibility of creating products not for sale to the general public, but for individual orders in small numbers, are therefore welcome.

Schedpol is well aware of the importance of responding to the needs of all its customers. With many years of experience, a fully equipped and modern factory and qualified specialists and technologists, Schedpol has a special offer for business customers looking for original, made-to-measure solutions for their project.

Customised shower trays

Offering to individual customers is one thing, but offering to business customers is a real challenge for manufacturers! This is where the biggest battles are fought over price, quality and customisation options. Quality holds the majority, prices are also negotiable, while knowledge and skills, as well as the right technical background, are values that are hard to beat. The standard range of Schedpol shower trays already has a wide selection of models - from classic to pentagonal shapes, from deep to completely flat, i.e. those that can be flush with the floor surface. For B2B customers, however, Schedpol has prepared a completely unique offer. - Knowing well the needs of our business partners, we make custom shower trays from scratch for them, on special order. What does this mean? First, we prepare a 3D design according to the customer's guidelines, onto which all the details and, most importantly, the technical data are applied. We then create an aluminium mould, which is used to thermoform products made from the highest quality components. This kind of prototype undergoes numerous tests, also at the place of its later use, i.e. at the construction site. This gives the customer the opportunity to check the product, make any comments or changes that need to be made. The approved design and product is then sent to production, where it is manufactured in the number of units needed by qualified employees. We love working on projects like this. It is very developing and inspiring," says Piotr Fuhrmann, an expert from Schepol, a Polish manufacturer of shower trays, bathtubs, linear drains and stabilising supports.

Full personalisation

In addition to choosing the right shape, the B2B customer also has the opportunity to choose the size of their product so that the form fully meets the needs of the project. - When designing a custom shower tray, the location of its final installation should also be taken into consideration. Knowing whether the product will be placed in a room where it will be exposed to prolonged moisture, for example in the changing room of a fitness club, we have the chance to propose a suitable manufacturing technology that meets all quality standards. Patented European technologies such as Stabilsound® and Stabilsound Plus® play a very important role in creating robust and durable products. It is these that guarantee the highest quality, safety and comfort of use not only for shower trays, but also for baths. The advanced technology of our products also manifests itself in special Antibac® and Easy to Clean® coatings, which prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi or mould and ensure easy cleaning with just a wet cloth, without the need to use chemicals, adds the Schedpol expert.

The company offers its business customers full personalisation, which means that the surface of the shower tray can also be changed. The surface can be smooth or stony, with a matt texture, in various colours, steel or Solid Surface. If the builder wants to place more emphasis on the slip resistance of the product, the shower tray can be ordered with the special SafeMase® Triple Protect coating, which is available in the variants of glued-on strips and factory-applied permanent coating in various patterns and colours.

Business in the service of ecology

Nowadays, in addition to having a technologically advanced factory, customers increasingly pay attention to a given manufacturer's approach to environmental issues. Schedpol, being aware of its huge impact on the surrounding nature, pays great attention to waste segregation. Last year, it reduced the amount of plastic waste by as much as 39%. In addition, the polyurethane foams used in the production of shower trays and baths do not affect the ozone layer, and thanks to the optimisation of production processes, the company has reduced the total amount of energy used in the company by almost 15 per cent and water by more than 43 per cent. What is more, Schedpol's products, thanks to the use of composite materials in them, are characterised by a fairly low weight, which means that it is possible to deliver as much as 70 per cent more products at a time. The lighter weight of the products translates into CO2 savings in the transport of Schedpol products - by up to approximately 50 per cent per composite product.


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