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Schaedler has been on the market for more than 40 years. At the beginning of the 80-s, the company was engaged in the manufacture of plastic products, while in 1996 the production of tile finishing systems for bathtubs and shower trays began. The year 2003 marked the beginning of the production of high-quality, safe and impact-resistant acrylic shower trays. Another breakthrough came in 2008, when the company began producing super-flat, extremely durable shower trays, which, after using a number of innovative as well as advanced technologies, are still available today. Subsequent years saw the launch of extremely thin linear drains, innovative tileable shower trays and the expansion of the portfolio to include rectangular acrylic bathtubs. From the very beginning, we have been cooperating with specialists from many areas of business – both manufacturers and importers of sanitary products and construction tools, as well as designers and furniture manufacturers. The cooperation applies to both own brands and dedicated third-party brands (currently nearly 30 different brands). Thanks to successful export activities and top quality, products are available in more than a dozen countries around the world, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Estonia, Russia and Scandinavia.
Two patented technologies, Stabildense® and Stabildense (+)®, play a huge role in the creation of robust products, which are a guarantee of the highest quality, and ensure the exceptional usability and safety of the shower trays and bathtubs equipped with them. In addition, there are a number of distinctive features worth mentioning under these terms, which include the Antibac® coating, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi or mold on the surface of shower trays and bathtubs, as well as the Easy to clean® coating, which ensures easy cleaning of products using only a wet cloth, without the need for chemical products. This type of convenience will certainly work well in a guesthouse or hostel, at a swimming pool or school, where a great many people use the paddling pool and it is not always possible to clean it well several times a week.

Examples of products and technologies for a personalized cooperative order


On the basis of four decades of experience, we have gone a step further, offering our partners a comprehensive service of professional consulting, design and manufacture of shower trays for individual orders of business customers - hotels, guesthouses, manufacturers, companies and institutions. The service is performed from the proverbial "A" to "Z". Ultimately, the customer receives a product 100% in accordance with the order and specific, even the most exorbitant expectations. The process is controlled at every stage of design and production, and custom shower trays are made to strict quality standards. The growing demand for shower trays that are made to a specific size has led to the establishment of a specialized design and development center within the company. Highly qualified specialists oversee both the design and production process. Thanks to the close cooperation of professionals from various fields - designers, architects and engineers - the result is a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing and useful, but also durable, and of unprecedented quality on the market. It is additionally possible to refine the product, making it even more resistant to damage. The additional use of several layers: thermal insulating, soundproofing, stabilizing, and reinforcing the shower tray at the edges makes the product virtually indestructible.
The customer has the opportunity to order a product that will be perfectly adapted in size and shape to meet the needs, in addition to meeting all standards and expectations regarding, for example, exposure of the product to prolonged moisture in a hotel bathroom or in the locker room of a fitness club. Importantly, also the surface of the shower tray, can be personalized for a specific order. We are able to apply on a certain batch of shower trays a classic, smooth and white surface, but a modern stone-textured surface in different colors such as beige, cement, anthracite or black can also be made. If even greater slip resistance is required, you can order a shower tray with a special durable coating, with an non-slip class: B or C (according to DIN 51097).


Each custom-made shower tray is subjected to advanced testing, which then ensures complete safety during its many years of use by various people. A multi-year guarantee for products is also important. In this way, customers know that the products purchased and custom-designed will faithfully serve guests visiting their hotels, guesthouses, public buildings or guest houses for many years. It is not without significance that we have our own independent production of machines, equipment and molds for stamping shower trays or bathtubs. It is also worth mentioning the experienced staff of designers who follow current trends in interior design. As a result, the products created can successfully appear in interior design magazines or catalogs. One of the last projects worth mentioning was the design and construction of a high quality asymmetrical trapezoidal shower tray, which production reached almost 1000 pieces.  These shower trays appeared in each of the rooms of a large hotel investment.


How does the process of creating a shower tray look like?

The shower trays are created from scratch - first a 3D design is created, on which all the necessary data and technical details are applied. An aluminum mold of the future shower tray is then created, which is then used to thermoform the final products already made from high-quality components. After the prototype is created, the shower tray is tested, checked in a specific implementation or investment. This is also the time to submit any comments or changes that should be taken into account. Once the customer accepts that everything is in accordance with the design and the shower tray fits perfectly into the space, the production stage begins. That's when the shower trays are made in the number of units that were ordered. The products then go to the customer and are ready to be installed at the destination.


Quality and reliability

Our products are practical, reliable and extremely safe to use. The high quality of the raw materials used, as well as the rigorous quality control system carried out at every stage of production, ensure that the products used by the target users are extremely durable and very comfortable. Confirmation of the highest quality is the extremely low complaint rate on the products. We also provide after-sales support if any questions, problems or concerns arise. Both the owners and the team of employees are committed to maximum satisfaction with the services offered. Therefore, all products come with a multi-year warranty.

Wide-range cooperation

We offer a range of solutions to improve performance and functionality in bathrooms. For composite shower trays, enabling convenient, thresholdless access to the shower area, we offer ramps. They make it easier to pass over the threshold that is created when a standard shower tray is installed (the surface of the shower tray does not level with the bathroom floor). The material has Easy to Clean® and Antibac® properties, making it easy to clean and hygienic.


Do you have other needs?
Send us an inquiry according to your individual needs.


Design & Technology

We are a potentate in the development of modern technologies for the production of bath products and tiling systems for bathtubs and shower trays. Our own independent production of machinery, equipment and stamping molds and experienced staff of designers, guarantee the manufacture of products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


We are a leading Manufacturer of acrylic and composite shower trays in Stabildense® and Stabildense (+)® technologies, as well as tiling systems for bathtubs and shower trays. The extensive range includes a wide variety of shapes and sizes of shower trays of different depths, which can easily fit into most shower enclosures on the market.

Quality and reliability

Our products are practical, reliable and safe to use. The high quality of the raw materials used and the rigorous quality control system carried out at each stage of production ensure that the products users receive are extremely durable and comfortable. Extremely low complaint rate on our product is the confirmation of their superb quality.




We successfully cooperate in many business areas: with manufacturers and importers of sanitary products, construction tools, with furniture manufacturers and in the automotive industry, as well as with demanding retail customers (markets, shopping chains) - both under house brands and dedicated foreign brands (nearly 30 different brands). Thanks to successful export activities, the products are available in more than a dozen countries, among which we can mention: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Scandinavia.



The complete technological process (design - machine - product), the short decision-making process, and thus the dynamic process of implementing new products have been appreciated by well-known Manufacturers - entering into lasting cooperation. In addition, thanks to its cooperation with a proven pan-European logistics operator, it has a very high rate of logistics service efficiency and delivery completeness.

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