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It all started in 1981

Founded in 1981 by the Schaedler brothers, the family-owned company has paid special attention to the quality of its products since its inception. The first experience was gained by manufacturing products for customers in the automotive and construction industries, gaining specialization in plastic thermoforming and light metal (non-ferrous) processing. Over time, the brothers' attention turned to the bathroom equipment industry. Openness to reported needs and previously acquired experience in other industries have enabled the development of our own unique technological solutions. Years of hard work, modernization of the technological park and continuous research by qualified specialists have made it possible to achieve independence and allow rapid implementation of new products while maintaining high quality and repeatability of production.


An experienced team of designers and developers is constantly directing its efforts toward improving product functionality, ergonomics and design. Design takes on a whole range of visual styles, with attention to the smallest details. All construction and production processes take place exclusively on the company's premises.

The range includes products whose design fits any style of bathroom. From tileable products, through very low shower trays, giving the option of mounting "on" or "in" the bathroom surface; to classic high shower trays that can be directly finished with a panel or encased in tiles. The offer also includes a number of innovative solutions to improve the installation and arrangement of bathtubs and improve their thermal and acoustic properties. All products are made on the company's premises in Poland, using its own patented technologies from the best raw materials sourced exclusively in Europe.

Extraordinary repeatability of production and a rigorous quality control system ensure that the products that reach the bathrooms are always as expected. Confirmation of the high quality and reliability of the products is their long-term warranty protection, up to 31 years.

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